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Matchmaker Fundraising Software
5225 North Central Avenue, Suite 208
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Tel: 800-752-3100
Fax: 602-265-6688
Email: info@matchmakerfrs.com
Web: www.MatchMakerFRS.com

MatchMaker FundRaising Software is the key to your fundraising success. Results-oriented, user-friendly, affordable! MatchMaker is a comprehensive tool that helps nonprofits cultivate donors, execute a successful fundraising plan, and raise more money. MatchMaker's clients also enjoy excellent and timely technical support.

MatchMaker FundRaising Software is a robust, results-oriented fundraising software package. The easy-to-use screens provide nonprofits with the flexibility to manage all types of gifts whether a single outright contribution, a multi-year pledge, a tribute for a loved one, or a corporate matching gift.

Cultivating donors and executing targeted fundraising appeals is easy. MatchMaker FundRaising Software includes special event management, volunteer activity tracking, and grants/proposals management. An extensive tickler note system, unlimited donor attribute maintenance, and e-mail capability enable you to be more efficient and productive. MatchMaker maintains all your mailing lists for donors, prospects, membership, volunteers, media, corporations and foundations.

MatchMaker FundRaising Software's point and click query system provides a quick retrieval of any list or specified group. Queried information can then be used in its totality or further filtered to produce any of 140 plus reports or used to generate numerous mailing/output formats.

Visit the MatchMaker website, www.MatchMakerFRS.com, to download a demo or call 1-800-752-3100 to receive an information packet.


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